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Technology and market of plastic machinery industry

the development of plastic products has always provided strong support for the development of plastic machinery products. From 1991 to 1999, the output of plastic products in China increased by 26.61% annually, and the sales of domestic plastic machinery increased by 17.38% in the same period. Since 2001, the domestic plastic products market has maintained a stable growth rate, which makes the plastic machinery industry perform well and attract attention in the general depression of China's machinery industry in recent years

at present, there are 600 enterprises engaged in plastic machinery production in China. At present, 55% of the total output of plastic machinery in China is concentrated in Guangdong Province, Zhejiang Province and Jiangsu Province

rapid development of professional production

driven by good market profits, coupled with a good investment environment, professional production enterprises that provide supporting services for the main engine factory of plastic machinery have developed rapidly in recent years. From the variety of product accessories provided, at present, the types of plastic machinery parts that have been professionally produced in China have been expanded from feeding devices and drying hoppers to screws, barrels, reducers and fast devices. Specialized production has also greatly shortened the supply period of domestic plastic machinery. At present, domestic large-scale injection molding machines have developed spray free products comparable to the spraying effect, and the supply period of plastic machinery has been shortened from the past months to the current months

product varieties are becoming more and more abundant

in the product composition of domestic plastic machinery, injection molding machines account for the main share, followed by extruders and blow molding machines. In 2000, the domestic production of injection molding machines was 29311, extruders 7784, blow molding machines 1425, and the number of injection molding machines and extruders was close to 4:1. The output values of the three categories of products are 4.025 billion yuan, 2.533 billion yuan and 433 million yuan respectively, accounting for 47.19%, 29.70% and 5.19% of the total output value of the whole industry respectively. This indicates that the structure of domestic plastic machinery products is tending to be balanced and reasonable

in terms of the current product export structure, injection molding machines account for the main share, with simple structure of 60.4%, extrusion units account for 6.8%, hollow molding machines account for 11.7%, and other plastic machinery account for 21.1%

in recent years, large and super large injection molding machines have developed rapidly in the domestic injection molding machine market. At present, the domestic plastic machinery industry can provide batch injection molding machines and four cylinder direct locking injection molding machines with a clamping force of less than 25000kN to the domestic market

but in general, domestic injection molding machines are far from meeting the requirements of the domestic market. Especially for precision injection molding machines. With the expansion of the application scope of plastic products in the fields of computer, communication electronics, medical treatment and automobile, the market demand for more subtle and complex micro plastic products (such as gears, gearboxes, spools, switches, transmitters, urinary catheters, etc.) is rapidly increasing

precision injection molding technology and processing equipment have always been the technical focus of the development of injection molding machine enterprises in Europe and the United States. For example, compared with gas assisted injection molding technology, water assisted injection molding technology in recent years has the following advantages: it can form a smooth inner surface of the object, shorten the molding cycle, and the thickness of the product is thinner and more uniform, so as to effectively reduce the cost. In addition, with better controllable system and stability, all electric injection molding machine will have a stronger competitive advantage in the field of micro plastic products market

because blending and reactive extrusion can improve and improve the properties of plastic products, domestic mixing twin-screw extruders have developed rapidly in recent years, such as counter rotating parallel twin-screw extruders and cone surface twin-screw extruders. The rapid growth of domestic plastic profile market also provides a good market environment for domestic extruders, making plastic profile extruders a hot spot in the extruder market. Due to the strong supply capacity of complete sets, domestic equipment has an absolute advantage in the domestic door and window profile production line

coextrusion process is applied to the production of window profiles, which can cover new materials on the profiles, so that the window profiles have better effects

another remarkable new technology is flexible ring technology. Flexible ring technology is used in the extrusion production of pipe and film blowing, which can improve the extrusion dimensional accuracy of pipe. What attracts insiders is that the flexible ring technology can not only be used in new production lines, but also be installed on the original production lines. Galvanoform GmbH of Germany is the only company that has mastered the production technology of flexible ring casing and has the right to use this patented technology

strong market demand and fierce competition

from 2001 to 2010, the average annual growth rate of the market demand for plastic machinery products in China was about 6%. Strong market demand will attract more enterprises to join this industry. This also makes the domestic market more competitive

technology development is the key for domestic plastic machinery enterprises to obtain core competitive advantages. From the current development trend of international plastic machinery, intellectualization and integration are the development direction of the future exterior wall cost, which will increase by 180 ~ 200 yuan/square meter. The research on the experimental machine is very in-depth. Plastic machinery technology will integrate more electronic technology, computer technology and network technology to realize automatic control, automatic diagnosis and automatic adjustment

China's plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises should pay attention to market analysis, use combination technology, according to the actual needs of domestic plastic processing enterprises, use existing technology and equipment, reasonably match, and combine into new models to meet the changing needs of users

facing the international market and increasing exports is another way for domestic enterprises to expand broader market space. The proportion of China's plastic machinery exports in total sales is still very low. For example, in 2000, the export volume accounted for only 2.79% of the total output value

in order to adapt to the new situation of global competition, especially the competition with plastic machinery in Asia, the American plastic machinery industry focuses its products on high-end precision machinery, while the advantages of China's plastic machinery products are practical and cheap. Therefore, domestic enterprises should strive for a place in the international plastic machinery market by improving their marketing capabilities, increasing their sales channels, taking the needs of the international market as the goal of new product development, and increasing their influence in the international market, such as providing equipment leasing services, using the Internet to do remote maintenance on machines, and improving customer service levels

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