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Technology and market of laser holographic transfer paper

laser holographic transfer paper, also known as laser card paper. It transfers all the traditional laser holographic characters and patterns that can only be recorded on the plastic film to the paper needed for printing without reservation, changing the original laser holographic carrier and becoming a new source of anti-counterfeiting packaging materials. There are generally two ways to make laser paperboard: one is direct coating. The so-called direct coating method is the production method of directly coating laser holography on paper. This kind of production method is relatively simple, but the product has great limitations, that is, it is only suitable for light weight joxiang, and has special requirements for paper; The second is the transfer method. The so-called transfer method is to first coat the laser holography on the PET film, and then transfer the holographic layer to the paper required by the user through the compounding and stripping process. Its advantages are: ① it can be transferred to any thickness; ② The flatness of PET film can be fully used to make the holographic gloss of paper brighter. Its disadvantage is that the process is relatively complex. Laser card paper made by transfer method is generally called laser holographic transfer paper. The technology, characteristics and market of laser holographic transfer paper are introduced below

1. Laser holographic transfer paper technology

laser holographic transfer paper is a scientific and technological product that comprehensively uses a number of technologies from different disciplines, such as laser holographic molding, computer lithography, special plate making, precision electroforming, fine chemical industry, high-precision stripping and so on. The key technologies are laser holographic plate making, laser holographic layer making and stripping layer preparation

1. The basic technological process of making laser holographic transfer paper. PET film → coating stripping layer → coating holographic layer → holographic molding → vacuum aluminum plating → compounding with paper → PET film and paper stripping → reel opening → inspection and packaging

2 Laser holographic plate making. Laser holographic plate making is mainly composed of three parts. First, hologram uses the interference principle of laser beam to form relief hologram on the recording medium. The second is computer lithography. The designed patterns are processed by special computer software, and then processed by laser under the control of computer. The third is electroforming. The embossed text patterns left on the photoresist plate after holography and computer lithography are made into nickel plates with high diffraction efficiency, good definition and large viewing angle through precision electroforming

3. Fabrication of laser holographic layer. The requirements of laser holographic transfer paper for holographic layer are uniformity, flatness and high transparency. At the same time, it is required that the holographic layer and the stripping layer can be firmly combined, otherwise the mechanical strength of the transfer paper will tear the stripping layer and the holographic layer during the stretching process. The holographic layer should also be suitable for vacuum aluminizing to avoid the loss of holographic information in the process of aluminizing. Therefore, the above factors should be fully considered when selecting the formula, and the mixture ratio of kizan tree fingers should be adopted

4. Preparation of stripping layer. The stripping layer is also called release layer. Holographic transfer paper is in use. Dr. Roger a. assaker, executive director of e-xstream engineering and chief material analysis strategist of MSC, said: "Digimat's material model not only describes the thermosetting coupling action of plastic materials, which is now the market standard, but also needs to be printed before packaging finished products. Therefore, it is required that the stripping layer should not only have complete strippability with the substrate, but also be combined with the printing ink, and the coating should be very thin, with quite superior light transmittance and certain mechanical strength. Generally, organic resin should be selected to match with a wide range of applications to make the stripping layer.

II Characteristics and market of laser holographic paper

1 Characteristics of laser holographic transfer. ① Anti counterfeiting function. As a packaging paper, the whole surface of laser holographic transfer paper is equipped with holographic anti-counterfeiting words and patterns, which is incomparable with the use of identification anti-counterfeiting and safety line anti-counterfeiting. At the same time, because it involves many scientific and technological fields, the process is complex, and the technical content is high, which greatly increases the difficulty of counterfeiting. Generally, few counterfeiters can counterfeit; ② Decorative ability. Laser holographic transfer paper does not affect the printing of its surface, and can be perfectly combined with printing ink to match each other, so as to improve the overall decorative effect of packaging; ③ Environmental protection function. The barrier performance of laser holographic transfer paper is similar to that of aluminum foil paper, but it is different from the ordinary laminated paperboard of aluminum foil composite paper, which pollutes the environment because it cannot be degraded. Its physical properties are exactly the same as ordinary paper, which can be recycled and degraded without polluting the environment. This is in line with EU requirements for packaging materials. For example, if our cigarettes want to enter the European market, we must first solve the problem of packaging materials; ④ Recognition is simple. The laser holographic character pattern of laser holographic transfer paper is dazzling. Under the point light source, it is clear and readable, and ordinary consumers can easily recognize and recognize the following kinds of treatments; ⑤ The price is reasonable. At present, the price of laser holographic transfer paper is slightly higher than that of ordinary aluminum sprayed gold aluminum cardboard, which is much lower than that of imported similar products. Merchants can accept it

2. Market of laser holographic transfer paper. Laser holographic transfer paper is mainly used for anti-counterfeiting packages of various famous wines, medium and high-end drugs and food. Jinan assaying mechanism adopts servo electromechanical drive; The control device adopts 3ling PLC and touch screen control device. In cigarette products, it is mainly used for inner lining paper and outer packaging box. In wine products, it is mainly used for bottle labeling paper and wine outer packaging box. Taking laser holographic transfer paper as packaging will gradually become the first choice of packaging materials for famous brands

it has been several years since Shenzhen Jinwei special beer selected the imported laser holographic transfer paper as the wine label paper, and the phenomenon of counterfeiting has not been found. Liqun's new long mouthed cigarettes use laser holographic transfer paper as the outer packaging box. Since the brand was put on the market, its elegant and valuable overall decorative effect and anti-counterfeiting effect similar to brocade have been praised by consumers

Shaoxing Jinghua laser products Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise in China to successfully develop laser holographic transfer paper, and its products have passed the provincial and ministerial appraisal not long ago. Experts from the anti-counterfeiting packaging industry agreed that laser holographic transfer paper integrates anti-counterfeiting, environmental protection and decoration, and has opened up a new source of materials for the anti-counterfeiting packaging and printing industry. The key technologies such as holographic layer and stripping layer of the product are original, and the comprehensive technology of the product has reached the domestic leading level, filling the domestic gap. The product has been used by Hangzhou cigarette factory and other users, and the response is good. (Wen Shaobo)

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