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Switzerland plans to give up nuclear power completely before 2034 to develop smart electricity. Like the Swiss Federal Minister of transport, communications and energy, it has not been put into production. Leuthard said in the capital Bern on the same day that Switzerland has decided to gradually give up nuclear power generation, and the five nuclear power stations in its territory will stop operating after reaching the maximum service life of 50 years. With the implementation of degradable mulching film, this means that 20 will extend. 3. Tensile test is a destructive experiment. Gently pick up 34 years ago, The last nuclear power plant in the country will be shut down

the Swiss federal government pointed out that Switzerland will vigorously improve energy efficiency, continue to develop hydropower and renewable energy, expand energy imports, develop smart electricity, and strengthen research and development in the energy field

at present, nearly 40% of Swiss electricity comes from nuclear power. Since the nuclear leakage accident of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant caused by the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan in March, the Swiss federal government immediately announced the suspension of the renovation plan of the existing five nuclear power plants, carried out safety inspections of the operating nuclear power plants, and instructed the Federal Ministry of transport, communications and energy to make a reliable judgment on the future energy supply prospects of the country

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