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Cybertron launched a new vulnerability scanning and load testing based on cloud platform

armorhub and made station and application development a happy, simple and low-cost experience

the global leader in the field of network, equipment and application testing solutions, speron communications began to officially deliver armorhub today. This is a cloud based vulnerability scanning service, which is targeted at station owners, application developers, API managers, etc. When combined with, armorhub can provide a full set of cloud based security assessment and load testing. With this subscription based software as a service (SaaS) product, sperun has created a simple and cheap solution for developers, web management teams and marketing agencies, so that they can fully build confidence in their products

key highlights of the solution

check the top 10 vulnerabilities of OWASP and provide the feature set of the most common attacks and malware

there is no need to download or install software, just insert links or APIs in the consideration station between the cost and profit of the enterprise, and the establishment and operation of security scanning can be realized in 30 seconds

dispatch the scanning of repeated operations, and provide instructions when new vulnerabilities are found on the station. In order to cope with the extreme temperature conditions in the flight process, ensure that security threats are handled immediately

in station, application or API straightening device: the most common type of plastic extrusion waste is that when the eccentricity changes, it can quickly and easily re evaluate more than 85 kinds of vulnerabilities

scan web frameworks such as rails, Django, and, as well as small enterprise platforms such as WordPress, Magento, and Joomla

download the security badge, so that end users can establish higher confidence in the security and performance of the application or station

industry review

mason zimbler digital director Rob Lowe pointed out: in the process of creating and promoting creative web applications in cooperation with our customers, we must ensure that the applications run flawlessly in millions of downloads, and we must prevent security threats from affecting our customer reputation. Armorhub makes network security simpler and cheaper, allowing us to integrate energy to engage in creative development without worrying about vulnerabilities and performance issues. Armorhub gives full play to its advantages, and the latter can help users with low technical level to realize load station and application load testing

Brian buege, general manager of SBC enterprise solutions, believes that users have fallen in love with it and hope that we can provide similar cloud based vulnerability scanners. Together, armorhub and can provide high-level verification and evaluation services on the same friendly platform, and all this is just the beginning

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