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Liangjian North Africa composes long fibers and thermoplastic polymers into composite materials by pultrusion. The manufacturing cost is basically the same - JCM excavators are successfully exported to Algeria

Liangjian North Africa - JCM excavators are successfully exported to Algeria

China Construction machinery information

on August 11, with the overtime efforts of servicing and departure personnel, 10 JCM excavators were ready to go in Linyi factory of shanre construction machinery, He is about to go abroad to Algeria, a distant African country

this batch of vehicles is another large export order obtained by the Ministry of international trade this year, including 8 sets of jcm924c and 2 sets of jcm936c, which will be sent to the Algerian agent. The capacity of positive active materials per unit weight is 330mah/g

in early July, the Ministry of international trade visited the agent. The agent has successfully sold 20 JCM excavators before the visit. After visiting, the customer had a deep understanding of the JCM excavator, and was very satisfied with its performance, quality and stability. He said that the machine configuration was high, the electronic control system was intelligent and advanced, and it had good cost performance. Therefore, the agent took the initiative to request to sign the order for these 10 vehicles

this successful cooperation deepened the cooperative relationship between shanre reconstruction machinery and agents, laid a solid foundation for long-term cooperation, and also provided favorable conditions for the company to explore the North African market

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