The hottest switch panel without soul is the same

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The switch panel without soul is the same, and Hagrid Electric is one in a million

but the density has decreased significantly. Whether it is new decoration or redecoration, if the switch socket is dazzling, why not consider it

who is it

Hagrid electric

Hagrid electric from Germany

Hagrid electric, the leader of low voltage electrical industry in Germany

Hagrid electric switch panel is not only an extension of fashion, but also a beautiful experience, which brings infinite possibilities to life

outstanding appearance and fashionable appearance

in this era of beauty appreciation by the whole people, all kinds of household products are striving to get ahead, so even the panel is not willing to be mediocre, and Hagrid electrical switch socket, even if fashionable, should be fashionable and different. The Zhi series switch panel of Hager Electric has several fashionable and classic appearances in each series, including classic white, elegant silver gray and luxurious gold. Every detail creates a luxurious texture and beautiful experience, which is to make the change of the home more wonderful, release the infinite inspiration of the designer and achieve the finishing touch of the space

outstanding quality, excellent connotation

fashion is very important. Its experimental speed range can be adjusted. However, what is more outstanding than fashion is to have connotation. Every switch and socket of Hagrid Electric will have a kind of magic, which shows the warmth and texture of home when it is opened and closed. Each Hagrid electric switch socket adopts the world's top Bayer as the raw material, which has excellent corrosion resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance. The unique honeycomb support design of the base and the gear type buckle of the whole backplane gusset plate are very firm and stable, which not only ensures the high standard of raw materials and true environmental protection, but also ensures the safety and health of the family at all times

outstanding functions and considerate human nature

Hagrid Electric's Zhi series switch panel has made a very in-depth new attempt in terms of design, not only in terms of vision, material, touch or hearing, but also received very good feedback. From appearance to function, it fully interprets Hagrid Electric's unique human fashion design concept, and realizes the ultimate integration of personalized decorative aesthetics and ergonomics with advanced technology. For example, the switch ring of the optional color of the platinum series, the allowable error limit of the experimental force indication: the hidden led drops the indicator light within ± 1% of the indication value, so that you can clearly judge the position of the switch in the dark. The ingenious USB socket brings considerate convenience

outstanding service, worry free

no matter how good the product is, it is difficult to have a market if the service is not in place. Hager Electric is the only company in the low-voltage electrical industry that provides on-site services by the manufacturer's own technicians. In this way, we can give customers the most timely and professional on-site guidance, including after-sales service. Even for retail investors, our tmall Hagrid home appliance flagship store will have customer service and technical personnel who can communicate and answer questions at any time. Because Hagrid Electric is to present the best

quality life requires that many enterprises are optimistic about the development of new energy vehicles, fashionable design, and careful design to create a better life. From concept to realization, Hagrid Electric's in-depth exploration of aesthetics finally appeared on the switch socket between square inches. The switch panel without soul is the same, and Hagrid Electric is one in a million! The first wave of discounts in 2019 is already on the way. Don't miss the wonderful New Year Festival from January 10 to January 17 at Hagrid home electric tmall flagship store

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