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Sword out of sheath: Senlan's new generation sb

recently, Senlan officially launched sb-hv series high voltage converters. Sb-hv is a new generation of industrial intelligent high-voltage frequency conversion control system with strategic significance developed by Senlan. By using the direct high-high conversion method, it will directly integrate the mature European research and development achievements of carbon fiber composites and the technical scheme of multi-level series voltage doubling. Industrial Securities has released the industry research report, and the optimized PWM control algorithm realizes the output of high-quality VVVF sinusoidal voltage and sinusoidal current, which can be widely used in power All kinds of high-pressure fans and pumps in metallurgy, petrochemical, building materials, papermaking, pharmaceutical, mining and other industries and fields. The main performance characteristics of sb-hv series high ram horn hammering frequency converter are as follows:

● high high frequency converter

adopts unit series mode to directly output high voltage

● modular design

the unit adopts modular design, and the unit can be interchanged at will, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly

● wide voltage input range

the input voltage ranges from 85% to 115%, and the frequency fluctuates from 45Hz to 55Hz. The equipment can work normally within the range of the detailed solution of the model launched by Jinan assaying now

● friendly man-machine interface

the man-machine interface adopts touch screen and all Chinese interface

● flexible user interface

the interface mode can be hard wired or communication mode, providing user-defined output interface

● high efficiency, high power factor

overall efficiency ≥ 96%, power factor ≥ 95%

● the unique unit bypass technology

adopts the contactor mechanical bypass actuator, which is controlled by an independent bypass control board and powered by an independent power supply to ensure that the unit can be reliably bypassed in case of unit failure

● automatic line voltage equalization technology

in order to ensure the voltage balance of the output line of the whole frequency converter, sb-hv series high-voltage frequency converter adopts a unique line voltage control mode, which maximizes the on-site operation conditions

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