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Pure benzene lowered the benzene market again. The monitoring data showed that Sinopec East China, North China, South China and central China sales branches lowered the listing price of pure benzene by 300 yuan/ton at the same time on the 14th, and it is now implemented at yuan/ton. Affected by this, the benzene Market fell into a wait-and-see state, with strong bearish sentiment. Today, the focus of crude benzene transactions continued to fall, coking benzene has no market, hydrogenated benzene is in the doldrums, and maleic anhydride continues to be in the doldrums

the trading weight of crude benzene can reach more than 210 meters, and the heart continues to fall, and the trading atmosphere is deadlocked. Hebei was supported by the auction price of light benzene at Hangang the day before yesterday, and the price was temporarily stable; The actual negotiation focus of Shandong and Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets was the decline of yuan/ton, and the transaction was not smooth; The market in Shanxi is stable and the transaction is general; Weak operation in Northeast China; The high level in Northwest China fell, and the transaction was general; The price in South China is stable, and the transaction has not improved yet. Recently, the crude benzene market is still dominated by bad conditions, and the downstream demand is sluggish. It is expected that the safety protection of short-term rough tensile testing machine is still possible to prevent benzene from going down

there is no market in the coking benzene plant. The depressed market situation and the rising risk aversion of China's imported waste materials in 2013 mainly include eight categories. As a result, the overall operating rate of the coking benzene plant remained at% due to the support of less goods, the negotiated price of coking benzene was still relatively strong. The decline of raw crude benzene has not stopped, and the cost support is difficult to stabilize; The downstream market is depressed, and the price of Sinopec pure benzene is lowered again today, which puts pressure on the coking benzene Market in many aspects. In the short term, coking benzene's downturn situation is difficult to change, and it may decline in the later stage

the hydrogenated benzene market is depressed, and it is difficult to ship on site. At present, many farmers cover their plates without reporting, and there is a strong wait-and-see mood. The price of Sinopec pure benzene fell again today, and hydrogenated benzene was hit again. At present, there is no positive boost in the upstream and downstream. The use of high-quality aluminum materials and the reduction of the price of pure benzene make coking benzene more likely to decline in the short term

maleic anhydride market downturn outlook. Hebei is now horizontal consolidation, the transaction focus is low-end; The focus of negotiation in Shanxi is unstable; Shandong region is in a stalemate and consolidation, with weak high-level trading and low-end trading focus. The current coking benzene market cost support is unstable; The downstream market continues to be depressed. The 55000 ton bdo/thf unit of Nanjing Bluestar phase II is still in the process of shutdown, and the BDO unit of phase I has the intention of shutdown, and the procurement is likely to weaken. Today, the price of pure benzene fell, and the maleic anhydride market suffered another setback. In the short term, maleic anhydride market is dominated by bad conditions and will continue to decline in the short term

Sinopec reduced the price of pure benzene by 300 yuan/ton today, which is the fourth reduction since the middle and late May. Under this influence, benzene products may fall into a weak and declining state in the later stage, and the operating rate of some products will also be significantly reduced in the near future

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