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Guangdong Medical Device Research Institute was established in 1979 and is one of the eight professional medical device research institutes established by the state. It has been subordinate to the Guangdong food and drug administration, the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, and now it is subordinate to the Guangdong Academy of Sciences. It has been awarded honorary titles such as excellent research and development institutions in Guangdong Province, advanced collectives in patent work in Guangdong Province and advanced collectives in the fight against SARS in the pharmaceutical industry in Guangdong Province

the reason why Guangdong Medical Device Research Institute purchased zj-3 Precision Piezoelectric measuring instrument this time is precisely because piezoelectric ceramics are widely used in medical devices, including equipment with various functions such as ultrasonic medicine and ultrasonic therapy. Purchasing zj-3 precision d33 measuring instrument is to further explore on the road of independent innovation and research, and has a better guiding role for future production practice. After more than 30 years of reform and development, it has developed into a scientific and technological entity with a certain influence in China that combines production, learning, research and medicine, integrates science, industry and trade. It has passed the GMP quality system certification

The zj-3 precision d33 coefficient measuring instrument can cooperate with the model of combining production, learning and research. The research of piezoelectric ceramic materials is not only an important research field at present, but also a research field for a long time in the future. Continuous innovation and independent innovation are currently an important work of our social development team to form a non-ferrous metal new material R & D and technology development advantage exhibition and economic transformation with distinctive characteristics and obvious advantages. To master the core technology, enterprises should establish traceable management accounts of key raw and auxiliary materials and product sales accounts. Mastering the core technology will cause electrical appliances to malfunction and put them into production and life with precision testing equipment, To produce the instruments we need, big country heavy goods

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