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Comprehensive design of pharmaceutical packaging

when it comes to packaging design, people will think of a wide range of commodity packages in shopping malls and strengthen the coordination and coordination with the Malaysian side in the international negotiations on climate change. They have rich colors and various styles, but those are only part of what we call packaging design. Many goods only pay attention to the effect of its single packaging or outer packaging, and ignore the design of other aspects, which affects the sales and use of products. Especially for drugs closely related to human life, its packaging should pay more attention to comprehensive design. The main function of packaging is to protect the contents. As a special commodity, drugs must first work hard on the design of inner packaging. The stress changes as a sine wave with time. Because of its particularity, some drugs need to be moisture-proof, some need to be protected from light, some need to be sealed, etc., which requires us to fully and comprehensively consider many factors in the design of inner packaging to ensure the safety and effectiveness of drugs. For example, many of our common water injection preparations, some manufacturers use a simple packaging material - a kind of thin corrugated paper as the buffer material of ampoules in the packaging design, which causes serious damage to the drugs during transportation. At the same time, this kind of packaging is extremely incompatible with its beautifully printed packaging. In fact, some pharmaceutical manufacturers have long designed and used a blow molding material as the bottom support of ampoules, which is economical, beautiful and safe. For example, ginseng royal jelly of Zeng Hongji was the first to use this material. At present, blow molded products have been widely used, with rich colors, diverse shapes and reasonable structure. They play a good role in protecting fragile drugs such as ampoules and glass bottles in water injection preparations. Another example is the blister commonly used in solid preparations. In the UK, there are also many companies dedicated to the production and utilization of graphene. For a long time, aluminum foil and PVC have been pressed together. Later, double aluminum packaging has been successfully designed. Its sealing performance is better and its appearance is more beautiful. Now it has been adopted by many manufacturers. While designing the inner packaging, it is also important to pay attention to the design of supporting packaging to ensure the safe and convenient use of drugs. Drugs have particularity, and there are many ways to take them. If they are taken by mistake or disorderly, they will bring harm to patients. In order to ensure the safety of patients' medication, the packaging should be designed for the sake of patients. For example, in order to prevent children from taking baifuning, a special locking device is designed at the bottle mouth, which children cannot open by themselves. At the same time, the medicine is also equipped with a plastic measuring cup with a scale, so that you can no longer worry about how to grasp 5ml and 10ml when feeding your child, which greatly facilitates the use of patients. Another example is Noel produced by Yangzhou Pharmaceutical Factory, which is required to be used away from light during intravenous drip, so a special light proof bag is specially equipped while designing the package, which facilitates the work of medical staff. As the saying goes, people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles. With good products, we also need good external packaging to match them. The external packaging of drugs is properly designed in terms of structure, trademark, pattern, text and color, which will leave a good impression on patients. There has been a lot of discussion on the color design of drug packaging for a long time, which is not described here, but the important role of color in it cannot be underestimated. The text design is also crucial. The solemn and eye-catching product name, detailed product description, production date and expiration date are a kind of publicity for the drug itself, and also the substantive content that patients need to see most. Of course, the comprehensive design of drug packaging is far more than these aspects, but no matter what aspect of the design is to make patients believe that the drug is safe, healthy and effective, and to promote the sales of drugs, so that the enterprise can remain invincible in the fierce market competition. (pharmaceutical packaging in China's pharmaceutical market)

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