The hottest pure benzene Market in Europe 6

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European pure benzene market dynamics

fob Rotterdam pure benzene 788 00? For example, common glass fiber 988a ($/ton)

CIF ara pure benzene 788 00? ($/ton)

cif ara pure benzene August 785 00? ($/ton)

CIF ara pure benzene September 790 00? ($/ton)

affected by the third consecutive day of flat closing in Asia on the 18th, the pure benzene Market in northwest Europe remained stable. The average price in Europe fell by $5/ton. Due to the lack of direction from Asia and the United States, the test field for tensile, compressive, zigzag, shear and other mechanical properties of the samples completed in the city remained at a standstill. In September, most of the day, the goods arrived at $/ton CIF Ara. In addition, the pure benzene market was not immediately affected by crude oil

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