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Asian pure benzene plants will face shutdown crisis

Asian pure benzene plants will face shutdown crisis

March 31, 2006

according to foreign media reports, major pure benzene producers in Asia warned that if pure benzene prices continue to maintain a weak market, it may be possible and should be tightened, suitable for many plants will face shutdown or reduced production. Manufacturers of tensile testing machines, which produce the main products, said that due to the sharp decline in the price of pure benzene, those production units using toluene as raw material are the most vulnerable. Since the beginning of March, the price of pure benzene has fallen sharply due to overcapacity and weak demand in the United States, making the profits of pure benzene production plants using toluene as raw material through toluene disproportionation (TDP) and hydrodealkylation (HDA) processes negative. In the past few weeks, the FOB price of toluene in South Korea is on average higher than that of pure benzene by USD/ton, which is far lower than the price difference of pure benzene/toluene required by the profit point of HDA sensitive high-tech device by USD 50/ton, and the price difference of toluene disproportionation (TDP) by USD/ton. The manufacturer said that due to poor economic benefits, some toluene to pure benzene plants may be shut down or reduced in production

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