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A comprehensive analysis of the four restrictive factors in the development of plastics in Mexico

plays an indispensable role in production and life. Since the economic crisis in 2007, the Mexican engineering plastics market has developed rapidly. Its market revenue reached $1.25 billion in 2012, and its sales volume reached 357500 tons. This rapid development comes from the development of the local automobile industry, the general trend of replacing traditional materials with engineering plastics, and the stimulus policies and preferential trade agreements of the local government. The market capacity is expected to reach 515700 tons in 2017, achieving a market revenue of $1.68 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.1%. Although the growth rate is very high, there are many constraints

first, domestic demand is not strong

Mexico exports 89% of its auto parts to the United States. In Mexico, locals are not used to saving money to buy cars. In addition, 51.3% of Mexicans live below the poverty line and are unable to buy cars. Therefore, the domestic demand for cars in Mexico accounts for only 30% of its production

Brazil amended the economic supplementary agreement, increasing the share of locally produced vehicles in the total automotive market to 35%. Brazil is the largest importer of Mexican cars, and this amendment further restricts the export of Brazilian cars from Mexico

second, similar products lack segmentation

products from different engineering plastic manufacturers have very similar quality, which will lead to price competition and reduce the possibility of end users changing suppliers. Subdividing products will increase the variety of products and offset the differences from different sources. So what else is worth checking and debugging again? See whether the verification of load sensors can meet the standard: ordinary metrological verification takes 10% or 20% of the maximum load of the equipment as the initial value of the verification, and the impact of the manufacturer's product portfolio

third, competition from Asian products

has potential utilization prospects in areas such as software robots. Asian companies have large-scale production units, so their costs will be much lower than those in other countries. At present, ABS is the most competitive field of engineering plastics. In 2012, 49.5% of ASB's importing countries in Mexico came from Asia, of which South Korea accounted for 44% of ASB's import market revenue. In addition, PA, PC, POM and PBT are completely dependent on imports

at present, the factories of engineering plastics put into use in Mexico cannot fully meet its domestic demand, only 50% of the domestic market demand announcement, that is to say, the other half will be completely imported

fourth, there is no integrated supply chain

in Mexico, not all factory plastics used in the automotive industry come from local manufacturers and dealers. Many auto parts are imported because many raw materials cannot be produced locally. Mexico's auto parts trade is in deficit, while its auto trade is in surplus. This shows that most of the automobile components in Mexico come from imports, and then the automobile is assembled and then exported

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