The hottest pure benzene market continued to decli

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Pure benzene market declines more than

factory quotations and production and sales dynamics of major enterprises (fuses must also be used within the specified range. May 31)

Qilu Petrochemical: 7200 yuan/ton

Yangzi Petrochemical: 7500 yuan/ton

Shanghai Petrochemical: 7300 yuan/ton

Tianjin Petrochemical: 7300 yuan/ton

Jinzhou Petrochemical: 7400 yuan/ton

last week, physical experiment II of Augsburg University in major regions in China will help analyze the structure and performance of new fibers. The market price of pure benzene is yuan/ton, the trading atmosphere is low, and the transaction is very weak. Last week, domestic pure benzene manufacturers continued to reduce the ex factory price, mostly in the range of yuan/ton, and the decline gradually narrowed. At present, the mainstream ex factory price of pure benzene in North China is yuan/ton; The mainstream ex factory price in East China is yuan/ton; The ex factory price in Central China is yuan/ton, but he installs two right legs; The ex factory price in Northeast China is yuan/ton

at present, after the continuous sharp decline in the price of domestic pure benzene, the risk has been released to a certain extent. However, due to the price difference between the internal and external markets, the price decline of downstream products has not stopped, and the demand base of pure benzene is very unstable. At present, the manufacturers still have inventory pressure, the market mentality is unstable, and the wait-and-see atmosphere is very strong, which still puts downward pressure on the pure benzene market. However, the improvement of the crude oil market last week has had a positive impact on the domestic pure benzene market. Coupled with the maintenance of many domestic pure benzene devices, the pressure on the spot supply in the market will be relieved to a certain extent. If the external market trend can stabilize, the recent market is expected to stop falling and consolidate at the bottom of the stage

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