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The comprehensive automation knowledge that the substation attendant should master

the comprehensive automation of the substation requires our attendant to master not only the knowledge that the conventional substation should master, but also the new professional knowledge and skills

(1) to learn some computer knowledge:

the integrated automation of substation is composed of background computer and various functional modules, and each functional module is also composed of single-chip microcomputer, so the computer is the key to these systems. In order to better use it, we must master the operation of computer and the relevant contents of background monitoring software

(2) we should master some knowledge about communication:

the subsystems and functional modules of the integrated automation system are composed of single-chip computers and microcomputers with different configurations. The distributed structure is adopted, and the microcomputer protection, data and control systems are connected through networks and buses to form a distributed system. We should understand the hardware connection and various functional settings of each functional module

when we went to the substation for inspection, we found that the power supply of the network switch was turned off without first starting the oil pump, and the IP address of the computer was changed. If you learn some network knowledge, on the one hand, you won't have similar things. On the other hand, you can also find out in time and accurately report to the dispatcher for processing when you patrol the equipment

(3) master some knowledge of Microcomputer Protection:

microcomputer protection device is essentially an industrial control device that relies on a single chip microcomputer to realize intelligent protection function. Its core is a single chip microcomputer system. It is a small industrial control microcomputer composed of a single chip microcomputer and an expansion chip. In addition to these hardware, there is also a software system in the memory. These hardware and software constitute the whole single chip microcomputer system. Its main task is to complete data measurement, calculation, logical operation, control and recording

the biggest difference between it and conventional relay protection is: ① integrate the protection and control functions into the same device; ② The traditional electromagnetic induction current and voltage transformers are no longer used for the measurement of voltage and current, but the advanced photoelectric sensors with magneto-optical effect are used, which not only avoids the threat caused by the complex insulation structure, but also solves the effects of magnetic saturation and ferromagnetic resonance; ③ Microcomputer protection uses the memory of microcomputer. 2. For ordinary metal and non-metal samples, the jaw of the fixture can directly contact the sample, which can significantly improve the protection performance. 2. The relaxation experimental machine adopts imported load sensors with high stability and precision to improve the sensitivity of protection; ④ Microcomputer protection can realize fault self diagnosis, self closing lock and self recovery, which is unmatched by conventional protection devices; ⑤ The operation and maintenance are minimal, and the on-site debugging is convenient. The data collection experiment card can be modified or checked. It is a microcomputer built-in PCL experiment card based on the excuse of PCL, which protects the fixed value, and there is no need to check the fixed value without power failure

(4) we should master some knowledge about network safety:

① we should fully recognize the importance and necessity of network safety, and learn to regularly check and kill viruses; ② It is necessary to prevent foreign floppy disks and discs from contacting the background machine; ③ Anyone who wants to install and copy the program of the background machine, except the manufacturer's debugging personnel, must report to the dispatcher

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