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Comprehensive application of AI series product monitoring system

I. overview

in the blood disease room, the requirements for temperature, humidity and light are quite high. In order to improve the degree of automation, the temperature and humidity monitoring system is added to the air conditioning system of the blood ward of Beijing Tongren Hospital. Ai-2000 touch screen PC is used as the upper computer, and AI series instruments are used to collect data and control output. It realizes the real-time acquisition and display of the temperature, humidity and switching values of the air conditioning unit, chiller, auxiliary room and each ward; Automatic and manual switching function of temperature and humidity; Fan switching control; And the interlocking control of stop, preparation, self purification and check-in; Leakage alarm function; It realizes the centralized management and decentralized control of the whole system, greatly improves the degree of automation, and facilitates the management of the leadership. RS-485 communication is adopted between ai-2000 touch screen PC and AI instrument, which has the characteristics of long signal transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability and high stability

II. System composition

the composition of system hardware is shown in the following figure

figure (I) system block diagram

ai-2000 touch screen PC is responsible for all instruments connected to the industrial site for all-round monitoring, data acquisition and processing of various affairs; The control picture is shown in figure (II)

figure (II) touch screen control picture

ai-301m instrument is responsible for the acquisition and output control of switching value data of temperature ward; Ai-708 instrument is responsible for the acquisition and output control of temperature and humidity; Ai-808 instrument is responsible for temperature acquisition of air conditioning unit and control of servo motor

III. equipment selection

1. Touch screen

ai-2000 touch screen. In addition, PC has outstanding features such as high precision, high reliability, intuitive display, friendly interface, convenient operation and easy function expansion; It can not only run various embedded operating systems and software such as Windows CE and Linux, but also PC operating systems and software such as Windows 98. It has rich and flexible applications and can comprehensively replace paperless recorders, man-machine interfaces and other products. The display screen adopts a 10.4 inch TFT true color LCD screen, which cooperates with the touch screen operation. The display screen is intuitive and clear, and the operation is simple. At the same time, CF electronic disk solves the problem that ordinary hard disk is not resistant to vibration, and can be applied to industrial sites. It has an RS232 communication interface, an RS485 communication interface, a parallel print port, and a USB connection to the evaporative condenser. Its functions are to use the evaporator of low-pressure circulation as the port of the condenser of high-pressure circulation, a ps/2 mouse interface, a keyboard interface, and an RJ45 Ethernet port

the operating system uses win CE as the operating system a - the total area system of the friction surface of the test piece. The win CE operating system has the characteristics of high stability, simple operation, low system resource consumption and so on, and is widely used in industrial control embedded systems; The system software is a software product developed by MCGS embedded configuration software. Users do not need to configure and install the system; It can be used directly after being powered on. The instrument bus system

2, AI series instrument

ai-301m is used as the switch input and output (i/o) interface in the computer control system. It uses RS485 communication interface to communicate with the computer, which can provide low-cost and high reliable switch input and output for the computer; Ai-301m adopts the platform concept, which separates the system hardware and software, and can be combined in a modular manner. In this system, ai-301m instruments are used to collect and control the on-site switching values of fans, chillers, air conditioning fans and various indicator lights. L4 and L5 modules are selected for the output module, and i5 module is selected for the input module. The model is ai-301me5l4l4l4i5i5s. The specific functions are as follows:

L4 large capacity long-life relay normally open contact switch output module

l5 2-way relay normally open contact switch module

i5 two external switch input modules

s photoelectric isolation RS485 communication excuse module

ai-301m only needs to set baud rate and communication address. E5 type is selected in this project, and the guide rail installation method is adopted. The setting of baud rate and communication address adopts the dial switch mode, with a total of 10 bits. Bits define the communication address of the instrument, binary algorithm. When the address exceeds 100, the instrument defaults to 199. The 8th bit defines the baud rate baud of communication. When it is set to "0", the baud rate of communication is 9600; When it is set to "1", the communication baud rate is 4800

Ai-708 regulator is a domestic advanced instrument, which adopts high-performance ASIC chip and modular hardware design internally, and adopts digital correction technology in input and output signals to eliminate the error caused by adjustable resistance with poor stability; Through the application of automatic zero adjustment technology, it can be used for a long time without zero drift, and the measurement number is accurate and stable; It has a variety of input and output specifications and alarm mode settings. The power supply can fluctuate in a wide range of VAC (Hz), and the measurement accuracy and working stability can also be guaranteed in a strong interference environment. In this system, the optical fiber cable, metal foil, fiber thread and plastic film, which are difficult to measure in the conventional extensometer, are used to detect and control the temperature of the three wards, the humidity of the water chiller, and the control output of dimming in the three wards. The dimming output is Ma signal to control the phase-shift thyristor output, so as to achieve the dimming effect. The specific instrument models are: ai-708axs4, ai-708al4s, ai-708e5k5s. Specific module functions are as follows:

x photoelectric isolated linear current output module

s4 RS485 communication module with isolated power supply

l4 large capacity long-life relay normally open contact switch output module

k5 single channel SCR phase shift trigger output module

the main parameters that need to be set are:

ctrl control mode, select the control mode of the instrument

sn input specification, select the input specification of the instrument,

op1 output mode, select the form of the main output signal of the instrument, and the module type installed on the main output is consistent. (see the user manual for parameter settings)

ai-808 regulator also has the function of manual/automatic undisturbed switching operation on the basis of ai-708 regulator, with manual self-tuning and display output value, as well as the proportional output used as the servo amplifier to directly control the valve position. In this system, ai-808 instrument is used to detect the temperature of air conditioning unit and control the forward and reverse rotation of servo motor. The specific model is ai-808al4s. Main parameter settings: ctrl=1

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