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Pure cotton wide width direct Satin gold powder mixed cover printing paste printing

in order to improve the economic benefits of products, high value-added Satin printing products have been developed. Printed production 1 Regular replacement of oil circuit filter elements must conform to foreign samples, especially the effect of gold powder, reflecting the elegant and elegant characteristics of gold powder

starting from the small-scale test, we used imported gold powder and additives to understand the properties of gold powder and its supporting use with domestic additives. We screened out reasonable process conditions and process prescriptions to meet the needs of customers, and added new printing varieties and new printing processes for our company. In the trial production of gold powder printing, the company's special adhesive is required according to the manufacturer's technical requirements. Since we have been involved in a wide range of industries and have been tested in printing, we have selected our self-made adhesive and imported special adhesive to mix, which can not only achieve the effect of the original imported adhesive, but also save the cost of dyes and chemicals

1 choice of gold powder

the gloss of gold powder has a great impact on the style of printed products. The higher the mesh number of gold powder, the more consistent the reflection of light. The darker the gloss is, on the contrary, the brighter the gloss is

in order to adapt to the circular printing machine equipment, we should consider the mesh number of printing nickel and the mesh number of gold powder. Moldex3D, the global leader of plastic mold flow analysis software, announced the official release of Moldex3D dimat RP (reinforced plastics fiber reinforced plastic) on September 11, so as to avoid the phenomenon of color paste plugging holes or printing penetration. It is easy to increase the difficulty of operation

if Guoyan gold powder is used, alcohol and antioxidant must be added during use. Pearlescent powder is not suitable for garden printing machine because of its poor covering power and large number. Imported gold powder can be directly added with Taiwan adhesive, which is convenient to use. The covering power of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is strong among the national large-scale experimental machine manufacturers and is not easy to oxidize. Therefore, base powder chose imported gold powder with strong covering power

2 selection and dosage of gold powder adhesive

because gold powder and gold powder adhesive are all imported and cost is high, the gold powder adhesive was improved and screened

3 selection of process conditions

4 selection of waterproof agent

as this product is a multi-functional product, it is required that the fabric and pattern effects are consistent with the samples, and it must also have waterproof and oil proof effects. According to this characteristic of the product, we select the waterproof agent and compare and analyze the different dosage of waterproof agent while selecting the gold powder and adhesive

from the above comparison results, it can be seen that 4# waterproof and oil repellent effects are ideal. The effects of 1 #, 5 # are basically the same, but considering that the cost depends on the price of imported waterproof agent is higher than that of domestic waterproof agent, 5 # is selected as the waterproof and oil repellent finishing agent of this product

selection of different dosage of waterproof agent:

because the pure cotton straight satin fabric is thicker than ordinary pure cotton products, and it is tight, with a large amount of liquid absorption. To make the products meet the standard requirements at the same time, we must master the dosage of waterproof agent, otherwise we cannot meet the requirements of various indicators

5 mass production situation

(1) variety and specification

pure cotton "straight Satin

(2) process flow

cloth turning → sewing head → reel → desizing → hot washing → steaming → hot washing → cold washing → dyeing → drying → printing → baking → waterproof widening → code checking

(3) process treatment and process conditions

1) pretreatment is basically the same as that of pure cotton thick fabric reeling equipment

2) rolling equipment for dyeing

3) printing process prescription

coating X/kg

mixed cover printing paste Y/kg

imported gold powder 120---200/kg

mixed adhesive 30/kg

(4) waterproof agent prescription

waterproof agent 2.5 ~ 4%

(5) baking 17O ℃ 40s

(6) physical index test results


after the production practice of pure cotton straight Satin gold powder printing decorative fabric, We believe that the effect of using mixed cover printing paste as gold powder adhesive is ideal. The cost is much lower than that of all imported adhesives, and all indicators meet the standard

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