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Comprehensive acceleration of safety standardization promotion in chemical enterprises

comprehensive acceleration of safety standardization promotion in chemical enterprises

July 30, 2009

[China paint information] reason: in order to standardize safety management and improve safety level, in 2006, the pilot work of safety standardization in hazardous chemical enterprises affected by the domestic real estate market was launched nationwide. On May 15th, 2007, with "safety pilot, small chemical enterprises are marginalized", the problems existing in the safety standardization pilot were reported, that is, the coverage of safety standardization promotion is not wide enough, the operability is not strong enough, and the enthusiasm of enterprises to participate is low

although the report has been published for two years, the crux pointed out in the report has always been a problem that the safety supervision department and the chemical industry have been committed to solving. Qufunian, foreign minister of the standardization management office of the National Chemical Registration Center, recently told CCIN that over the past year, a number of regulations on chemical safety standardization have been issued. At present, the safety supervision department has allowed the three-level review and certification of safety standardization for small and medium-sized enterprises, which has made the "safety standardization specification for hazardous chemical practitioners" more extensive and more driven

in the feedback information of many chemical enterprises, CCIN felt that compared with the CCIN interview in 2007, the current awareness of chemical enterprises on safety standardization was significantly improved. Nearly 20 enterprises that have obtained standardization certificates told CCIN that safety standardization has a significant role in promoting the level of enterprise safety management and reducing accidents. No matter considering the long-term development of the enterprise or meeting the requirements of relevant regulations and standards, the enterprise should carry out this work as soon as possible

Qufunian introduced that in 2008, the State Administration of work safety, together with the China Petroleum and chemical industry association and other units, successively formulated and issued seven safety technical specifications, including the guidelines for the implementation of safety management system in petrochemical enterprises and the safety standardization specification for hazardous chemical practitioners (hereinafter referred to as the specification). Among them, the code is the first safety standardization industry standard in China, which stipulates 10 A-level elements and 53 B-level elements. Compared with the guidelines for safety standardization of Hazardous Chemicals issued in 2006, it is more operable and has a wider scope of application, and has become a programmatic document guiding safety standardization

on June 24 this year, the State Administration of work safety issued the guiding opinions on Further Strengthening the standardization of safety production in hazardous chemical enterprises, which clearly stated that hazardous chemical enterprises should carry out safety standardization in an all-round way by the end of 2009. By the end of 2010, key hazardous chemical enterprises should reach the level of safety standardization above level 3. By the end of 2012, key hazardous chemical enterprises should reach the level of safety standardization above level 2, and other hazardous chemical enterprises should reach the level of safety standardization above level 3

"since the implementation of safety standardization, the number of hazardous chemical accidents in the country has decreased significantly, the safety management of relevant enterprises has become more standardized, and the system has been continuously improved. This shows that safety standardization plays an obvious role in promoting the safety management level of hazardous chemical enterprises, improving the safety awareness of employees, and preventing and reducing the occurrence of major accidents." On July 20, Liu Kaijian, director of the second division of the Department of hazardous chemicals under the State Administration of work safety, said in an interview with CCIN

Zhang Xiaojun, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Weihua group, who has obtained the second level certificate of safety standardization management for hazardous chemicals enterprises, said: "the specification refers to the successful experience of safety management at home and abroad. Enterprises can prevent 6. 5% by implementing it one by one according to its requirements Instrument 1 must be well grounded. Accidents happen. Weihua group will also start the application of "first-class enterprise" after obtaining the second-class certificate

Cheng Guangneng, an engineer from the safety and environmental protection department of Shaanxi Jintai Chlor Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd., revealed to CCIN that after the enterprise started safety standardization in 2007, it not only achieved zero accidents for two consecutive years, but also reduced the "general obstacles" affecting the normal production of the enterprise from 39 in 2007 to 4 in 2008

libaoshan, deputy general manager of Tongchuan Shunyuan oxygen company with only 20 employees, said with deep feeling: "In the past, our safety management was like a fire brigade, where there was fire. Now, all the work is planned, organized, arranged, and inspected, and all the work can be implemented. As a vice president of production, I am much more relieved.

the heads of enterprises such as Shanxi Yuncheng Hengchang acetylene company and Henan Nanyang Kaiyuan oxygen production company told CCIN that they are sending employees to certified enterprises to" learn lessons ", The safety standardization work will be started as soon as possible. "Although the state has not yet forced enterprises to carry out safety standardization, it will do so sooner or later. Therefore, it is not a matter of whether enterprises are willing to engage in safety standardization, but a matter of necessity." Zuo genlao, general manager of Hengchang acetylene company, said

Qu Funian said that with the increase of promotion and coverage, the standardization of safety standards of Chinese chemical enterprises for short-term training and research abroad will be comprehensively and rapidly promoted

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