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"Purchase restriction order" and railway accidents reduce the demand for construction machinery

the prosperity of aerospace military industry, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, and cold chain equipment is good

the prosperity of construction machinery is downward, but the small cycle is upward; The cycle boom in shipbuilding is declining; The boom of coal machinery continued; The prosperity of aerospace and national defense is on the rise; The prosperity of railway equipment will decline and be lowered; The boom of nuclear power equipment has declined; Agricultural machinery and water conservancy equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection are booming; Cold chain conditional yield limit σ 0.2 strength limit σ b. Elongation δ And reduction of area ψ It is the four performance indicators that are often measured in tensile tests. The equipment industry is booming< p>

we believe that the valuation of Leo shares this year is less than 30 times, which is the lowest in the water conservancy equipment sector. In the future, with the issuance of additional shares, the integration of industrial chains, the formulation of specific plans, and the embodiment of orders, the performance will increase significantly

construction machinery: the impact of possible purchase restriction orders in second and third tier cities on real estate investment needs to be observed. The decline in the growth rate of railway investment due to the impact of railway operation events will reduce the demand for construction machinery

focus on the energy and chemical equipment sector: Longhua heat transfer (300263) is about to be launched. At present, the energy and chemical equipment sector already has representative enterprises such as Zhang chemical machinery (coal chemical equipment), Lanke high tech (petrochemical equipment), Furui tezhuang (300228) (natural gas equipment), as well as air separation equipment and compressor equipment enterprises such as hang Yang Co., Ltd. and Shaangu power (601369). In the near future, Longhua heat transfer (300263), another cooler manufacturer in coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry, will be listed soon. We believe that the future development prospects of the energy and chemical industry are promising, and relevant equipment enterprises (especially those with "energy-saving" and "water-saving" products) are facing greater development opportunities. Focus on "Zhang Huaji", "Lanke high tech" and "Longhua to avoid the common failure of excess equipment and staff infringement and other distress heat transfer"

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