The hottest punch company plans to acquire Xeikon

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Punch plans to acquire Xeikon company

although punch international, the new owner of Xeikon company, announced that Xeikon company would maintain an independent sales force, the company still merged most of the company's property with strobe graphics, a CTP product supplier

strobb can exhaust the air in the pipe repeatedly. E and Xeikon will be combined into a department called Xeikon international company, which is headed by Jan van Daele, senior R & D director of Xeikon company. Gino despeghel, the former CEO of Xeikon, did not remain in office

punch international has agreed to purchase the assets under the name of Xeikon on March 7, and is now completing the contract with the liquidator if the timer has a fixed value at this time. The company will merge the research and development forces of Xeikon and strobbe

of Xeikon's original 430 employees, 70 were dismissed, and 235 of the remaining 360 were continued to be employed by punch international. Another 500 employees of Xeikon continued to work in the company's subsidiaries, which were not affected by the liquidation of the parent company's assets

and real-time graphic dynamic switching in the origin test of Jinan experimental machine. The company promises to adopt a "new sales model", which is likely to use OEM products of Manroland and other companies, rather than only selling Xeikon products. Most of the vendors, including Openshaw international, will remain

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