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Pumped storage is currently in an "undersaturated" state, out of sync with the development of new energy

it was learned at the "2018 International Clean Energy Forum" held in Macao a few days ago that with the rapid development and wide application of clean energy, issues such as the safety and economy of electricity operation have become increasingly prominent, and the importance of pumped storage in promoting the development of renewable energy and optimizing the transformation of energy structure will gradually become prominent

industry experts said that according to the current situation of clean energy development in China, the installed capacity of pumped storage should be reasonably expanded, and the joint development of the two has broad prospects

there is a large space for the development of supporting new energy

"according to China's national conditions, it is reasonable that the installed capacity of pumped storage is greater than 5% of the total electric capacity, but the current proportion is only 3%." Wang Ji, member of the China Economic and Social Council and former chairman of Dongfang Electric Group, disclosed at the forum

relevant data show that by the end of 2017, the total installed capacity of renewable energy in China had reached 650gw, of which hydropower accounted for 53%, wind power 25%, photovoltaic 20% and biomass 2%

Wang Ji said that after decades of rapid development, the development and layout of hydropower resources in China has come to an end. Renewable energy represented by wind power and photovoltaic power generation is in the ascendant and has a rapid development momentum. "In 2017, for example, the installed capacity of hydropower increased by only 2.7%, while the growth rates of wind power and photovoltaic power reached 10.5% and 68.7% respectively."

"in 2017, the cumulative total installed capacity of global new energy reached 1078.97gw, and wind power was 539gw." Li Sisheng, general manager of the new energy department of PowerChina International Engineering Co., Ltd., pointed out

"it is preliminarily judged that pumped storage is a technically reliable and economically reasonable energy storage power station at present. It will play a great role in the future development of new energy and the transformation of energy structure." Li Sisheng said

it is understood that PowerChina has done research on the mix ratio of pumped storage and new energy. The preliminary research conclusion shows that the development of renewable energy such as wind power and photovoltaic needs the cooperation of pumped storage. Generally, the ratio of combined operation of new energy and energy storage is 1:0 3。

Li Sisheng introduced that according to the prediction of IEA, by 2023, the global average annual new new energy installation (wind power and photovoltaic) will be about 140gw-180gw. If conservatively calculated according to the proportion of 0.2-0.3, 28gw-36gw of energy storage power stations will be added every year; Pumped storage power station is a large-scale developed energy storage power station with mature technology and economic competitiveness, accounting for 90% of the total global energy storage capacity

relevant data show that in 2012, the U.S. Department of energy funded the Argonne National Laboratory leading project team to conduct a special study on advanced technology and its application value in the field of pumped storage. The research results also show that stronger regulation ability, faster response speed and higher flexibility will be the development trend and direction of pumped storage technology

efficient and flexible electricity security

and the strength is very close to that of steel

industry experts pointed out that emerging renewable energy has the inherent characteristics of intermittent, unpredictable and difficult to adjust, and is a typical "high-quality energy and low-quality electricity". Due to its high instability, this kind of intermittent energy is directly connected to electricity on a large scale, which will have an impact on the safety and stability of electricity

"clean energy such as wind power and photovoltaic power generation must rely on the absorption and coordination of large-scale energy storage technology in order to access electricity on a large scale and give full play to its green advantages of high-quality energy." Wang Ji said, "among the existing energy storage technologies, pumped storage technology has the largest reserves and relatively mature technology, which has outstanding advantages over other forms of energy storage technology."

Wang Ji introduced that at present, 99% of the energy storage in the country is realized through the pumping system. As of 2017, the installed capacity of the global pumping system has exceeded 150gw, and the total installed capacity in China has been close to 30GW

in addition, pumped storage conversion efficiency is high. The conversion efficiency of the new generation pumping and storage system has generally reached 80%, and the recently installed pumping and storage power stations in China have exceeded 84%. At the same time, pumped storage power generation has the advantages of fast load response, high operation flexibility and rapid working condition conversion, which can almost track the load change of electricity in real time

Wang Ji believes that pumped storage has become a favorable guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of the new generation of electricity. "In electricity, it can be used for peak load regulation, direction regulation, frequency regulation and electricity standby services, which is the only feasible scheme for renewable energy to access electricity at present.

it is worth mentioning that China has the ability to vigorously develop pumped storage and" go global "

it is understood that the pumped storage technology has complex operating conditions and frequent conversion, and its design and manufacture is far more difficult than conventional hydropower units. Before, the core technology was monopolized by international giants for a long time. Although the construction of pumped storage power stations in China started relatively late, in the past decade, under the guidance and encouragement of national policies and market economy, domestic energy equipment enterprises have invested heavily in R & D, design, manufacturing and services in this field in the past few weeks, with a significant improvement in technical level and manufacturing capacity, and some key technology fields have reached the world leading level

Wang Ji revealed that by the end of the 13th five year plan, China's Pumped Storage installed capacity target was 40gw, an increase of 73.7% over the end of the 12th Five Year Plan. By 2020, the installed capacity will exceed 40million kW. "At present, domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises have the ability to export technology reserves and R & D capabilities, especially for Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and other 'the Belt and Road' countries."

there are still bottlenecks to be developed and upgraded.

however, there are still bottlenecks in the joint development of pumped storage and new energy

Wang Ji pointed out that "renewable energy" Scheffler is the access of the co sponsor of MAXNET, the cross data driven inter agency alliance of Materials Science in the Max Planck Society, which gives full play to its advantages, and puts forward new requirements for the operation mode of pumped storage units. New operation modes, such as long-term no-load standby, long-term load operation, more frequent load changes, have brought new challenges to the design and manufacture of pump turbines

"especially in terms of stability and safety, the traditional pumped storage technology can no longer meet the needs of the future power system. Therefore, the development and application of variable speed technology, full power frequency conversion technology and other forms of pumped storage technology need to be improved." Wang Ji said

industry experts said that the construction of domestic pumping and storage power stations has been promoted slowly, among which the imperfect price mechanism, the low utilization rate of the built pumping and storage power stations and the unreasonable electricity price policy are all the obstacles. In addition, the overcapacity of coal-fired power inevitably squeezed the market space of non fossil energy, and the development of clean energy, including hydropower, slowed down to varying degrees

Li Sisheng is optimistic about the prospect of pumped storage. He believed that research on the joint development planning of pumped storage and new energy should be carried out in key countries. "It is suggested to carry out the planning and location selection of small and medium-sized pumped storage in small and medium-sized power plants, especially in the Asia Pacific region, South America or Africa."

in addition, because pumped storage depends on the mechanism of peak valley difference, as well as the auxiliary role of electricity price and electricity, many countries have not formulated special policies, so it is difficult to develop. "If pumped storage and new energy are combined, it should be a good direction. I suggest studying the joint development mechanism of pumped storage and new energy suitable for all countries." Li Sisheng said

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