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Zoomlion merged Dutch elevator enterprise raxtar in an innovative way

Zoomlion merged Dutch elevator enterprise raxtar in an innovative way

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on August 8, Zoomlion () officially signed a merger agreement with Dutch elevator enterprise raxtar, and the former pocketed the latter. According to the person in charge of Zoomlion, this move marks a substantial step forward in Zoomlion's efforts to become a global leader in the field of construction elevators

according to the data, raxtar company of the Netherlands is a leading global elevator enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. Its products cover the fields of construction elevators, transmission platforms, freight elevators and industrial elevators. Its construction elevator products have participated in the construction and construction of many international benchmark projects around the world, such as the world trade center in New York, USA

according to Huang Qun, vice president of Zoomlion and general manager of crane company, Zoomlion's acquisition will greatly enhance the competitiveness and brand influence of Zoomlion's elevator in the global market with the help of raxtar's rich experience in international production, R & D and high-end marketing in the elevator field for many years. She said that the negotiation lasted for two years

hewenjin, vice president of Zoomlion, introduced that the transaction structure of this acquisition is innovative and provides a new reference for Chinese enterprises' cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Specifically, Zoomlion did not directly control raxtar at the beginning, but acquired 35% of the latter's shares with less investment, which has the advantage of introducing good technology and control processes into China as soon as possible; The second step is to intervene in the option transaction and realize the complete merger and acquisition of raxtar at an appropriate price

however, both parties did not disclose the purchase price and the operation of raxtar

"in the new organizational structure, we will set up R & D institutions in China and Europe at the same time, and the two sides will work closely together to deeply understand the customer needs in different markets around the world. No competitor can communicate like us, and we must constantly optimize the mixing ratio of graphene, understand customer needs through localization, customize new solutions according to needs, and share technology and benefits globally", Pascal, general manager of raxtar, introduced

field industry experts believe that at present, the domestic elevator industry has a very strong development momentum, and there are also some insufficient problems, mainly manifested in the low scientific and technological content, incomplete equipment quality, lack of technical force, and low service level; Mechanical power elevator products have been recycled for 20 times in Europe, which is difficult for more than 0 years of development history. It has very strict requirements for the research and application of core technology, and extremely stringent standards for product safety and reliability. This time, Zoomlion chose to cooperate with raxtar in the context of the overall slowdown of the industry, which will inject excellent genes and quality into Zoomlion's brand elevators

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