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Zoomlion engineering crane company QCC continuous innovation

Zoomlion engineering crane company QCC continuous if innovation is ignored on this point

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at the beginning of this year, "Zoomlion 2015 excellent QCC results selection, release and commendation meeting" was successfully held, and Zoomlion engineering crane company has a total of five QCC teams participating, Won two second prizes and one third prize for domestic granulator manufacturer

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in 2015, Zoomlion crane engineering Co., Ltd. made great efforts in carrying out QCC innovation work for all staff, and many achievements won national, provincial and municipal awards. Quality management group activity (QCC for short) is a management activity that employees spontaneously organize in the form of groups around the business strategy, policy objectives and on-site problems of the enterprise, and use various charts, statistical tools and methods to carry out quality improvement based on the PDCA (plan, do implementation, check inspection and action) cycle. In 2015, the engineering crane branch took the grass-roots front-line employees as the main force, and registered a total of 40 QCC innovation and improvement project teams, creating considerable economic benefits for the enterprise

the award-winning projects of Zoomlion Heavy Industry crane company, "reducing 1093 vertical oil cylinder flange cracking failure", "solving the problem of large tonnage product thrust rod and transmission shaft bolt sliding wire" and "5160zyse4b6 box straightness improvement", were released by dreamland QCC group, YONGGU QCC group and surpass QCC group respectively. Most of the members of the three groups are post-80s, regiment 6. Be careful not to plug and unplug power lines. There are both experienced old members and young members with novel ideas in the team. They made effective use of QCC tools. After many communications with team members, they analyzed the human, machine, material, method, environment and other aspects respectively, tried the full active pressure test machine repeatedly, and finally determined the cause of the problem. Through the implementation of improvement measures, they achieved the improvement goal set at the initial stage

in 2015, Zoomlion crane engineering Co., Ltd. created millions of economic benefits through QCC activities, effectively improving the quality of the whole machine. More importantly, during the promotion of QCC project, an atmosphere of in-depth learning and application of advanced quality management tools was created, which improved the quality of employees, and made public innovation and continuous innovation become the inexhaustible driving force for the development of Zoomlion crane engineering company's products

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