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Zoomlion Heavy Axle company pays close attention to innovation to achieve Jedi breakthrough

Zoomlion Heavy Axle company pays close attention to innovation to achieve Jedi breakthrough

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on the occasion of the 60th birthday of China's automotive industry, Hunan Zoomlion Heavy Axle company has gone through the sixth year since the restructuring. Six years of wind and rain, work hard. Hunan Zoomlion Heavy Axle Co., Ltd. has achieved leapfrog development with a good momentum of continuous doubling growth; Zoomlion Heavy Axle promoted the implementation of the strategy with deep cultural cultivation, and comprehensively improved its core competitiveness. Over the past few years, Zoomlion axle has made progress step by step and step by step. The company has grown from 466million yuan to 11. 1% of its total assets 5.6 billion yuan

since the restructuring and reorganization of Zoomlion, the company has adhered to the path of innovation, actively sought the development of the company, and constantly created new achievements and new situations. Hunan Zoomlion Heavy Axle Co., Ltd., formerly known as Hunan Automobile Axle Factory, is a large provincial state-owned enterprise directly supervised by the provincial SASAC. Dongfeng Motor is a joint venture member factory of the company after users enter keywords to search. In July, 2008, the enterprise was acquired and restructured by Zoomlion and renamed Hunan Zoomlion axle Co., Ltd

at present, the annual output value of the company has reached 1.2 billion yuan, an increase of 30% over that before the restructuring and entering Zoomlion, and the operating efficiency has also been greatly improved, more than double that before the restructuring and entering Zoomlion. Especially in recent years, economic growth has slowed down, market competition has further intensified, and the company has encountered severe challenges from insufficient production and marketing and rigid cost pressure. In the face of severe situations and tests, the company, in the spirit of "Jedi breakthrough", insisted on innovation and development, ushered in a new round of historical opportunities, and realized the sustainable, healthy and stable development of the company. This year, the company achieved greater profits

grasp the innovation of management mode and change the concept of development

the company has a unique management mode in terms of operation and management. "We emphasize" one center (focusing on operating efficiency) and strengthen "two major management (comprehensive budget management and strategic management)" in our business work, Promote "three optimizations" (optimizing product structure, process flow and supply chain), realize "four improvements" (improving management level, staff quality, business scale and profitability), and adhere to "five measures" (changing mode, adjusting structure, upgrading technology, strengthening management and promoting growth) 。'' A person in charge of the company said that it was the complete transformation of ideas and emancipation of the mind, the transformation of the extensive operation mode into the refined operation mode, and the indoctrination of the values of "Heroes based on performance" and the interests of "scale determines status, and efficiency determines salary" among cadres and employees that made the company embark on the fast track of vigorous development

pay close attention to the transformation and adjustment of product structure and the upgrading of process technology, and systematically eliminate loss making products, backward processes and inefficient labor. In 2011, the foundry company stopped production in an all-round way, reducing staff and increasing efficiency. Three commercial bridge wheeling lines were demolished, and 467 kinds of casting blanks and 125 kinds of parts were transferred from self-made to outsourcing. Suzhou Bangle company, which has been in poor operation, also achieved business transformation E in 2012. In 2013, the company fully implemented Zoomlion's simulated joint-stock policy, established a clear and complete system, salary incentive system and assessment system from top to bottom, with good target system and weak market demand, so that the company's income increased slightly and its operating profit increased several times under the adverse situation of the purchase price reduction of the main engine factory

pay attention to technological innovation and increase the development stamina of the company

focus on product technology innovation, and the technical department of the company focuses on the research and development of the special bridge for Zoomlion engineering crane. At present, the company has fully completed the series development, improvement and mass production of the front, middle and rear axles of the ton project crane. The C10 project, which takes the 180 ton truck crane as the benchmark model to replace the imported steering drive axle, has completed trial production and bench test, and is currently in small batch production. This imported alternative R & D project has been included in the provincial core technology key scientific research project. The research and development of a series of Engineering axle products will bring the company an economic growth point with an annual sales revenue of 300 million in the past three years, and bring a strong momentum for development

at the same time, the technical department of the company has completed the research and development of some commercial axle and heavy truck axle products. Since 2011, the Technology Department of the company has completed and accepted 67 patent applications, including 15 domestic invention patents and 7 overseas patents; Completed the construction project of technical standardization, cleaned and merged more than 7000 products and more than 28000 parts, realized the information management of the product R & D life cycle, and made the product design modular, standardized, universal, standardized and digital

total investment of the company in the first phase 2 The technical transformation project of 0.5 billion yuan ----- Zhou Hongfu, associate professor of Beijing University of technology and technology, has been completed. In the technical transformation scheme, a large number of new processes, new materials and new equipment have been used, process innovation has been adhered to, process and technology improvement has been promoted, and the digitalization of assembly process design and management of the main reducer assembly of the engineering axle, the flexibility of FMS processing of main reducer shell parts, and the world leading level of product technology have been achieved

introduce high-end talents without sticking to one pattern, establish an engineering axle Research Institute in Changsha, and an expert apartment in Tianjin. The introduced high-end talents are given high salary treatment independent of the existing salary system, and strategic subsidies are given by the headquarters

focusing on management innovation, comprehensively improving the company's quality and risk disturbing ability

strengthening management innovation and constantly improving management level are important ways to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. The company builds its internal management framework system according to the management concept of "trust management, hierarchical management, system management and efficiency management", and actively takes effective measures to implement management innovation, strengthen management continuous improvement, vigorously improve the company's system construction and implementation ability, comprehensively improve the company's management level, and resist risks for the company Expand and develop, consolidate the foundation and build channels

promote 6S improvement activities and lean production activities in the production field, and launch the informatization climbing plan. More than 2 million yuan was invested in 2011 and 6.5 million yuan was invested in 2012 to build and improve OA office, technology research and development PLM system and business platform SAP-ERP system, so as to further greatly improve the work efficiency and management effect

in the next few years, the company will continue to implement the development strategy of "focusing on engineering axles, developing heavy-duty axles, and optimizing other bridges for commercial vehicles", "We plan to invest a total of 800million yuan to carry out the technical transformation of construction in other places. Now we have completed the first phase of the project, invested 205million yuan, added more than 180 sets of imported equipment and domestic advanced equipment from Japan, Germany, South Korea and Taiwan, and built 16 new production lines. Xie Zhiyong, deputy general manager of the company, said that it is expected to achieve the strategic goal of annual production and sales of 1million axles and 10billion (including passenger cars and passenger car chassis) by 2020

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